Taxås Nature Reserve

Taxås is situated just a few kilometers north of a town called Älmhult, southernmost Smolandia. The municipality of Älmhult, including Taxås nature reserve, is also part of something called the Land of Legends. According to the rich tradition of storytelling and legends in the area, trolls live in the dense forests of Taxås. We did not see any trolls, but we sure saw the beauty of nature!

The taxås nature reserve is an area of both land and water. Deciduous forests dominate, and many rare flowers grow here. Taxås cliff is known for its spectacular view over lake Möckeln. Close by, a neolithic stone cist can also be found. In the area, there are two walking paths of 2 km each.

Location (DD): Latitude: 56.629419 Longitude: 14.165833

Temperature: +3 C